Cairo, Egypt



Human Resources Management System


We in 212 Solutions are taking a good care of each single detail in Our Clients Business Cycle. and One of the most important Department in Every Entity is HR Department. That is why we in 212 Solutions have designed and Developed a wonderful HR Management System, That is Flexible, Simple , Scalable and Details Oriented.

Our HRM Solutions Covers all Human Resources Tasks and channels. it Covers HR Workflow Cycle perfectly and it Could be Customized Based on Each Client Business Cycle and Industry Type.

In this HRM Solutions We Cover:

  1. Employee Profile.
  2. Salary Details.
  3. Payroll.
  4. Loans.
  5. Salary Adjustment ( Bonus, Over time or Deduction).
  6. Attendance.
  7. Vacations.
  8.  More Than 25 Reports.
  9. And Many Other Important Features…