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We Belive in the Simplicity, Not the Complex

Keep it Simple, let us Help you get your Target Done


we cooperate with our customers to handle the time and effort consuming part of the job, like Call Center and Documents Management Tasks. providing customers with more time to focus on their main Tasks.


We are Glade to share our Customers building their Success stories though Designing and developing the software they need for developing their Business and help them grow their Business faster at a steady pace..


Marketing is your Direct channel which you use to communicate with your customers, that is why you need to pay a good attention to it, we in 212 Solutions help you to Reach your customers every where in order to deliver your messages to them clearly.

Our Belief

One Extra Degree 
Makes All the Difference

We in 212 Solutions Believe that one Single extra degree makes all the difference, that is why we work hard to push our Dear Customers that extra degree in order to help them reach their Goals.


 What does 212 Solutions Offer to out Clients ?

We Offers Out Clients Full  Business and Software Consultations before even start working with them, in order to guide out Clients to the Best way that could get them to their Goals.

Call Center Outsourcing

Call Center is one of the main Sections that should be well established in Every Entit and Orgainzations, and it requires alot of dedication and Effort. som it is more convenient to Outsource this Service in order to get the best Results.

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Web Development

We in 212 Solutions Design and Develop Websites, Web application and full integrated software that match our Clients needs and Business Requirements and help them automate their work with the best performance & no time loss.

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Mobile App Development

We understand the importance of keeping in touch with out Clients.
and the best way to do this is by having a Mobile app for your Business that keeps you connected with your customers all the time, we in 212 Solutions Design and Develop Mobile apps that keeps your business alive.

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Lets get you into Software World 

In 212 Solutions, we Aim to make every thing easy and acheivable , all you need is just tell us what target you plan for your Business and we would show you the way to get their through our Creative, Smart and Effecient Softwares.


Lets Do It For You

Let us Help you reach more Customers in order to increase your profit and Expand your Business as well as keeping in touch with your existing Customers in order to retain them and move forward with a steady stepsLet us Help you reach more Customers in order to increase your profit and Expand your Business as well as keeping in touch with your existing Customers in order to retain them and move forward with a steady steps



These are a simple figures that shows our contripution in market with our Ideas and Projects.


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Creative Ideas

A few things we’re great at

– We In 212 Solutions, help you to turn your Ideas into Real Projects.
-We do not outsource our Services, Instead we work with you as your Partner in order to develop your business and make your dream come true.
– We provide you with the Service you need and with the cost your Business can afford.
– We Guide you to the ways that save more money and leads to better results.

Knowledgeable Experts

We have teams of Experts, Whether in Business Development, , Software Engineering and Marketing.

Creative Solutions

We are focusing on creating a super smart solutions that compine between advanced features and affordable Cost.

Dedicated Customer Support team

We have a dedicated Customer Support team, to serve our customers any time whenever they need any support.

Smart Business Solutions

We provide a Wide Variety of Business Solutions, as Call Center Services, Document Management Solutions and Marketing.

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Lets get in touch for discussing more details about the Service you need for your Business